David Dillon

Member since 1925

David Dillion has been on the lamb from the police for nearly two decades. His crime? Loving too much. He is to be considered unarmed and highly affectionate.

Fred Ellenberger

Member since 1842

Fred is the Bosley of semantics in so much that he only speaks to the rest of the board through an intercom. His womanizing ways remind most of a young JFK or an old Elvis. Additional information: Fred invented the internet in the 1960s but kept it to himself.

Sandy Eichert

Member since 1990

Third degree black belt and ju-jistu master, Sandy Eichert, AKA, the white Mamba, is the most feared women in Brighton.

Andy Marko

Member since 1987

Andy Marko is incredibly normal and has absolutely no interesting characteristics. Mild mannered, quiet, and passive, Andy is often refered to as "the Shadow" because of his ability to go completely unnoticed.

Julia R

Member since 2001

Julia is a robot from Mars. To avoid confrontation present her with a logical paradox and her head will explode. Also, ask her about her brownie recipes or she may shank you.

Loraine Wible

Member since 2012

After suffering a career ending injury while playing linebacker for the Calgary Stampeders Loraine was forced to fall back on her "degree" in the arts.

Ed Deaton

Member since 2011

Ed is an amateur astronaut and coded this site so he has nothing negative to say about himself.