Robert Fronk - Industrial Compositions | April 2012

Simply put, Fronk composed assemblages from vintage wood milled foundry patterns. Assisted Ready-mades; a sort of quasi - reverse - Bauhaus, where function instead follows form. The work is approached with equal amounts of unconditionality and intentionality.

Fronk lived in Chicago for 18 years, painting sets for ballets, opera, theatre and amusement parks. He created faux finishes for painting studios in NYC and Chicago, worked on church restorations and commercial signage, all the while working on his personal paintings and assemblage. Born in Cincinnati, Fronk graduated from The Art Academy in 1981, w/ scholarships and concentration in Drawing and Printmaking.

Alex Walp + Dustin Boise - Travel By Night | March 2012

University of Cincinnati Master candidates Alex Walp and Dustin Boise combined to create two separate viens of work that compliment one another in 'Travel by Night'. This show of survival and personal resurrection crosses material mine fields by utilizing a slew of mediums to convey everything from the intensely personal to the overly consumed.

Chris Reeves - Overcast | February 2012

The way we view the weather, via smart phone, full color newspaper map, 24 hour television cycle, anecdotal curiosity in a magazine, or in high definition spectacle in a movie theater, has, as the critic Bill McKibbon says, created a "new nature of our making. It is like the old nature in that it makes its points through what we think of as natural processes." This construct of nature, as "other", or as an entity of exploitation for the human predilection towards domination, is the thematic bridge that ties together my solo exhibition "Overcast." There will be a shrine to a heater, raining fish, aurora borealis in a briefcase, pornstarlets with eco names, a pool party, and lots of new collages.

Through a wide range of works that present a literal and theoretical construction depicting our natural world in the ways mentioned above, I hope to provoke the viewer to consider the question of "how about this weather?" as more than a conversational icebreaker.

Chris Reeves lives in Cincinnati and is pursuing a masters degree in Art History from the University of Cincinnati. His work has been shown on both sides of the Atlantic and he is a founder and curator of the Cincinnati art galleries Museum Gallery/Gallery Museum and Third Party Gallery.

SLAPface - An Ugly Portrait Series| January 2011

"In truth, artists have historically been less like troubled outsiders and more like the village blacksmith — hard working professionals plying a learned trade, often with the aid of others. This month’s exhibition at Semantics in Brighton, UPS: An Ugly Portrait Series, is rooted in the collaborative process of days past. Consisting of a series of four “self-portraits” by friends Matt Wiseman, Michael Willett, Jacob Isenhour and Geoff Cullen, the works in the show were begun individually then exchanged with each other cross-country via UPS for further elaboration. The gratifying results are a mash-up of saccharine colors, curious juxtapositions and even a few rhinestones." -Alan Pocaro - City Beat





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